The Importance Of Classroom Management

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Classroom management is not something educators employ when a problem occurs. It should be proactive rather than reactive. As a teacher, classroom management is vital for successful day-to-day operations in the classroom; it is important that teachers think critically about the techniques and strategies they employ. Therefore, as a pre-service educator, it is imperative to delve into theorists whose work has had an impact on classroom management. Through the examination of the research, there were four theorists whose work and styles work well to manage the classroom: C. M. Charles, Rudolf Dreikurs, Marvin Marshall, and Harry and Rosemary Wong. The implementation of aspects of each of these four theorists will help create the classroom community and atmosphere teachers strive for; one where the students are in charge of their own learning and the educator is more of a facilitator of their growth. Using the Democratic Classroom approach will be important in fostering student involvement and responsibility. It will also help spur intrinsic motivation because the students will have ownership of the classroom and choice in the types of work that they do. However, the piece that helps to tie it all together is the Wongs; their work on the first days of school exemplifies the need to explicitly teach the rules and procedures (Charles, 2014). Therefore, using aspects of the Wong’s first day of school suggestions, Dreikurs’ democratic classroom, Marshall’s intrinsic motivation, and
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