The Importance Of Classroom Scenarios

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Evaluating an ineffective classroom arrangement and its tendency to cause distraction and off-task events. The setup of a classroom’s desks, furniture, and materials is meaningful to the flow and instruction of the environment and students’ eagerness to participate. Research leads us to think teacher lead seating influences student motivation and attitude. Careful monitoring of student activities and engaging lessons prevent disruptions and students’ overall classroom participation. With many differing opinions on students’ needs we need to compare studies from around the world to get a full picture of a functioning classroom. Minimizing Distractions The first step to eliminating distractions for Leila in the classroom would be to identify her three of her biggest issues causing disturbances. Leila’s desk is located near a high traffic area by the trash can and computer games. The movement of other student to switch out games and throw away trash is not ideal for an easily distracted student. Leila becomes frustrated and has to decompress by off-task talking and getting out of her seat to walking around. Due to these conditions, the classroom’s physical environment has the potential to greatly affect student learning (Fernandes and Jinyan, 2012). In the same cluster of desks as Leila there are two students out of their desk swaying and moving around. I can only surmise these are the student that should have a swing bar desk. Standing desks are an alternative to a

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