The Importance Of College Students In Writing

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The expectations required from a college student in writing requires more critical thinking and more in depth compared to a junior high paper. Transitioning from a grade school to a college student in writing is very limited. Therefore, in order to understand the necessity of a true college essay, I would have to learn the importance of “providing specific methods and techniques to introducing, explaining, and integrating other voices with their own ideas” (Miles). In English 5A, professor Michael Maniquiz introduces the writer’s main purpose by utilizing class discussions to help identify the writer’s voice, thus that helps me as a student understand the writer’s purpose in order for myself to respond back to the text. In English 5A, the rational lists the order of expectations that will enable to offer many opportunities to gain valuable knowledge in academic writing. Entering the course I was prepared to use basic skills I have used in high school, but instead, I learned how powerful literature and language can be. Over the course the resource has helped embraced my academic writing. English 5a has helped improve my writing skills into a college level essay that I surely thought I was incapable of. The first essay that I wrote for this course was stated unadvanced, and technical within the grammar. which later became a resourceful strategy, striving myself into focusing on my writing skills. I sought help from family and peers to help me with my essays for classes.

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