The Importance Of College Tuition

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Furthermore, tuition annual rate has an outrageous inflation relationship with time. In Josh Mitchell and Andrea Fuller Wall Street Journal it states, “Among the four-year schools in the Journal's analysis, the average increase in tuition and fees was greater than 75% in the past decade, outpacing inflation.” (pp9). As college tuition continue to increase, the more individuals will be in debt. While the importance of a higher education increases the chances of becoming successful, more people will gravitate towards higher education knowing that loans will always be an option and having the idea that debt is normal to ensure a stable future. Not only will this start to affect individuals but the government will eventually suffer. Wight Martindale Jr states, “…too much money spent, too little achieved.” (Martindale), this explains how higher education can bring one a tremendous amount of debt with a bunch of stress. He also talks about how it is a bubble, this is a bubble that many students hate to be in. This bubble is known for being unable to burst which is a problem for multiple students because college shouldn’t be about money and stress. The more money the government give out and not receive as much in and they borrow from different countries, the country will stay in debt itself.
Federal and or state governments need to implement a law to keep a reasonable cap on college tuition. Because college tuition is constantly rising with no cap it creates mental health issues

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