The Importance Of College Writing

Decent Essays

Upon arrival in to college many writers, including myself, feel like they have a solid background on writing, especially when it comes to essays. Up to the point of being a college freshman we have written countless number of essays, with various styles and topics, so it is safe to assume that we are a good writer. But are college freshman actually noble writers? At first glance, it may be hard to believe, but fresh out of high school most students are nowhere near their greatest potential as a writer. Although you may have gotten an A on all your five-paragraph high school essays, this is not what college writing is about. During the first week of the term in writing 122, my class had a discussion on why we were taking this class. Many listed off reasons that in short summarized to them taking it to fulfill a requirement. Obliviously, I agreed with these people. Being my first term in college I got told what classes to take, including writing 122. That being said, I never really thought about why or how I ended up in this class, I just knew someone told me to take it, therefore in my mind it was a requirement. Reflecting on the term, I am so glad I took this class.
Through all the literature pieces I have previously written, I never wrote an opinion piece. The focus on this class is on opinion pieces, and upon completion of the term it is clear to me that opinions are much more than claims and arguments. Many people assume that opinions have to be the popular opinion, in

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