The Importance Of College Writing

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I learned the slang phrase “One and done” in the NBA (National Basketball Association) Draft this summer. For non-basketball fans, it simply means that aspiring basketball players will try to get themselves drafted in the NBA after completing only one year in college. During the NBA draft night, the player may or may not get drafted depending on if their skills are viewed by the managers and coaches enough to play in the professional level. Throughout my college writing experience, I have been a “One and done” kind of writer. In this case, it means turning in the first drafts of the papers I write without major revision, something that I regret not doing. Not only because of the not so great feedbacks and grades that I got but also because I knew that I could have done better but for some reasons I decided not to.
According to “The Writing Process” by Michael E. Adelstein, “Once you understand why you seem to be naturally adverse to revision, you may overcome your resistance.” (18) In order to overcome my refusal to revision when it comes to my writing process, I provided the analyses of the different reasons why I turned into a “One and done” writer in the next few paragraphs. Analyzing these reasons would help me not only to include revision as part of my own writing process but to also maybe learn how to make it enjoyable.
Coming up with the first draft of a paper is a long process itself that is why doing the revision feels like a tedious process. As someone who does not

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