The Importance Of Commerce For The Dutch

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Without commerce, the scientific revolution would not have been possible. The Jewel House, Matters of Exchange, and Experiencing Nature all illustrate the importance of commerce in different types of settings: a community, Dutch society, and the explorations of the Spanish. This commerce allowed the people to prosper, brought them together in collaboration, and fueled curiosity which ultimately brought forth the scientific revolution.


In Matters of Exchange, Cook argues the importance of commerce for the Dutch. The Dutch traveled to many places around the world and during this travel, new plants, medicines, and other objects were discovered and studied. The Dutch, by the mid seventeenth century, had power …show more content…

Harkness also mentions “a fruitful tension” between collaboration and competition. There was a profit to be made in these discoveries. In order to thrive on Lime Street, it was beneficial to be financial well off as there was overcrowding in the city due to the flood of people that came to study science.

It is important to recognize that commerce did not only include the exchange of goods. There was also an exchange of ideas and perspectives between the scientists. Those who were not wealthy enough or illiterate were also able to have “easy access to news and information”. (Harkness 2007 pg 3) With all the collaboration, no one was left out from learning.
Without the communication, discoveries would not have had happened at such a quick rate during the scientific revolution. In The Jewel House, the community seen on Lime Street was important for the advancement of science. For them “to truly flourish, a community of naturalists like the one on Lime Street also needed to be able to forge connections with others who might have access to different plants, animals, and mineral specimens.” (Harkness 2007 pg. 22) There was so much to learn that it would have been impossible for one person alone to do all the work himself. Together, scientists could challenge each other’s claims and tests and resolve confusion. Together, they could flourish.

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