The Importance Of Communication In The Tragedy Of Julius Caesar

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How well do individuals effectively communicate? According to UCLA Professor Albert Mehrabian and his colleagues, “93% of communication is nonverbal”, which shows us that communication is deeper than it seems. This can be in William Shakespeare's play “The Tragedy of Julius Caesar”, which contains two famous funeral speeches that have been heavily analyzed over the years. In the play, Julius Caesar has been killed by a group of men called conspirators. This caused an issue with the citizens of Rome because, they were fond of Caesar. As a result, the conspirators wanted to protect themselves by giving a reason to why they killed Caesar, publicly. The funeral speeches were to be given by Marcus Brutus and Mark Antony, who were close friends of Caesar. Marcus Brutus decided to allow Mark Antony to speak at the funeral to reassure the people of what is happening so that they will not feel as threatened. Although this caused a turn of events because, Mark Antony challenged Marcus Brutus’ wishes. They were both able to change the citizens of Rome’ minds but, one speech was more effective than the other. I believe that Mark Antony’s speech was the more effective.
At the beginning of his speech, Mark Antony reached out to the people on a personal level. This allowed the citizens of Rome to connect with him and bring them back to their original thoughts and feelings. This is shown in the way he starts his speech, “Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears” (Act 3 Scene 2 Line

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