The Importance Of Communication Skills

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When it comes to hiring the right persons for right position, there seems to be consensus among the industry leaders as well as representatives of academia and the government. In some skills they have a little degree of differences, but above ranking is derived after moderation from the facilitator upon consensus of the participants. Although few members of the panel also mentioned about other skills such as action planning, creativity, time management, negotiating and networking skills etc., but they agreed on above mentioned skills as most important skills they are looking for from the fresh graduates. They all agreed that communication skill i.e. verbal and written is the most desired as well as is significant from the perspective of workplace success. According to University of Kent, careers and employability service, verbal skill is ability to express ideas clearly and confidently in speech whereas written skill is ability to express clearly in writing (Woodcock, 2015). A significant number of participants expressed that communication skill is important because it helps an individual to become quick learner and they need quick learners in the profession. Moreover all participants were unanimous that documentation is crucial in ICT business and they wanted to have employees with good written skills. It is interesting to observe that for ICT graduates the employers ranked computing skills to the sixth position. They opined that if the graduates have other skills as
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