The Importance Of Community Policing

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Communities around the world were once controlled to a large extent by an underlying social fabric. It was this social fabric which allowed certain activities to become acceptable and others unacceptable. As Wilson and Kelling suggest chaos was controlled by everyone and not reliant on policing efforts to maintain order and when this social fabric began to break down, the resultant effect was that disorder was allowed to flourish and grow which over time makes that community attractive to criminal elements (Wilson & Kelling, 1982). There are many theories that discuss how we have arrived at our current state, some believing it is the culmination of an archaic and hierarchal police system in which by its very structure limited any innovative thought processes. Like any successful enterprise, policing strategies must evolve with time and technology to provide reliant strategies to accomplish both the goals of the police as well as ensuring public safety but at the same time, not alienating that very same customer base. In the last 40 years, community policing has become a world-wide strategy to establish a proactive vice reactive means of crime reduction. Community policing takes on many different forms and what works in one community may not work in another which is to say that it is not a one size fits program but can be tailored to fit any given community’s particular needs. The key to it’s success however, is that it is supported by both the police as well as the community

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