The Importance Of Community Policing

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Cassandra De La Cruz
10 April 2016
Professor Roman
Criminal Procedures
The Importance of Community Policing Community policing plays a significant role in a community by trying, and usually succeeding to provide the feeling of safety and togetherness. Community policing starts with the allocating of police officers set to a specific area of duty, so that they become familiar with the inhabitants of the surrounded locals. Successful community policing efforts are based on trust and compassion. I do believe community policing takes on a new leadership and foundation towards the people in a rough area to feel safe and ensured that they are the first priority while a police officer is on duty. As a Hispanic woman I have been confided in by many people like me about them not feeling that they are safe by calling 911 or that they will even be heard. As far as community policing goes most officers in that field make it their priority to make people feel safe and comfortable in their communities. Community care is a fundamental and essential part of our policing system. Bringing peace to a community starts with the respect of the locals, and that is all earned from respect they receive back from our officers. It has been said that it starts with one officer and can really transform a community. Community Policing is made up of three major key components; collaborative partnerships, organizational transformation, and problem solving. Community policing is followed by the

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