The Importance Of Consent And Apply On The Skill Of Undertaking Clinical Observations

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“Any adult, mentally competent person has the right in law to consent to any touching of his person”(Dimond, 2011, p.149). In other words, consent comes in various forms and all individuals have the right to determine what will be done to their body. This essay will discuss the concept of consent and apply it to the skill of undertaking clinical observations. It will look at how this concept will influence the skill when undertaken in placement. It will also explain how undertaking clinical observations with consent supports one of the six senses of frameworks of relationship centred care. Consent Consent is to give permission. It is an expression of independence and must be the free choice of the individual and it cannot be obtained by undue violence. In order for the consent to be valid a mentally competent person must give it voluntarily as supported by Griffith and Tengnah consent needs to be “full, freely given and reasonably informed”(2010, p.81). Consent can be obtained in various forms, these being through implied consent, written consent, or by word of mouth consent. The reason why consent is the chosen nursing concept for this assignment is because patients should be provided with information with what is going to happen and they should have the right to consent to any touching upon their person. According to the Department of Health (DOH) (2009), healthcare professionals providing treatment and care need to discuss with their patients both the benefits

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