The Importance Of Creativity In Music

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There are many celebrated musicians in the world, however, empirical studies relating to creativity in music started recently. Creativity in music education has been proposed as one of the most important tools which have to be integrated as well as being promoted in most of the educational programs. Majority of the research conducted has been majoring in music education for people who have music training (Negrete-Yankelevich and Zaragoza, 2014). This has left out people without music education out in a majority of the researches done. However, creativity in music has been proved to be existing in the majority of the population according to several pieces of research. Many researchers believe that creativity in music is considered to be a psychological dimension which is normally distributed to the overall population (Eisenberg and Thompson, 2003). Most humans are considered to have experienced high levels of comprehension as well as the perception of music in the earlier lives.
Delays in the study of music creativity are considered to have been brought by conceptual debates on the music creativity as well as its measurements (Barbot and Lubart, 2012). Music creativity associated with eminence and naturally gifted individuals has been studied over the last few years but the changes in technologies have made the researchers fade to accommodate researches on musical creativity and the measurements through the use of new technologies (Nikolić and Kodela, 2016).

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