The Importance Of Critical Thinking On College Education

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The article by Boarer- Pitchford (2014) discussed the importance of critical thinking in college education and encouraged educators to use authentic assessments that require students to demonstrate the understanding of course concepts and promote the development of critical thinking based on the results of their study that examined make up of test grades derived from traditional and authentic assessment and factors that influenced the educators use of assessment techniques. On the other hand, the article by Wiggins (2013) discussed ways to help students reach high standards by rethinking the notion of mastery. While all three articles have valuable information that can be used in developing assessments and rubrics, I decided to analyze…show more content…
The current trends in assessments put an emphasis on process of learning and not just the end product. In spite of this shift, similar to me, for many educators, the appropriate use of traditional and authentic assessments is still unclear. The article by Montgomery (2002) discusses the recent shift in assessment practices and describes the importance of using authentic assessments. The authentic assessments are based on the constructivist approach that require students to actively construct knowledge and therefore, assessed using demonstration of their knowledge through application to real life or simulated projects. While traditional assessments are easy to administer and grade, these do not assess the child’s problem solving skills or critical thinking abilities. On the contrary, developing authentic tasks is not only time consuming but difficult, these assessments help to assess what students know and what they can do with the acquired knowledge. The author suggests that authentic assessments should include real-life tasks, performance and challenges that are faced by professionals in real life. In addition, the author suggests that similar product should be compared to each other using the same criteria. In addition, both process and product should be assessed and the criteria for evaluation (rubric) should be made available to students in advance. A rubric should be designed carefully to define precise

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