The Importance Of Cultural Differences Between Chinese And Western Culture

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Understanding and upholding respect for different cultures should be a social norm. Fascinatingly, the amount of various cultures around the world is humbling- with no two being alike. Although, Chinese culture has evolved through many, many years and some ancient traditions still uphold. Face, “guanxi,” which broadly speaking, means connections and many other cultural normalities are constantly changing in China, yet there is basic threshold of cultural competency that is still important to acquire before any amount of business can be done there. Researching these specific cultural characteristics helped me understand several key cultural concepts that must be understood in order for useful personal and business dealings. Having a basic knowledge of Chinese history, political, economic and social challenges the country faces is necessary background knowledge before evening entering the country. Knowing the Chinese etiquette and understanding our cultural differences from Western culture in comparison to the Chinese culture can only help enhance business relations and avoid any embarrassing faux pas.
Art and Literature
There are a wide variety of differences between the Chinese and Western cultures forms of art and literature. The differences in art between western and Chinese culture grow with the addition of the importance of calligraphy. In the US calligraphy is not something of great importance at all. In fact it is a very secluded and almost unknown trait or talent.

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