The Importance Of Cultural Diversity Nursing

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The U.S. population is growing and becoming increasingly diverse. Killian and Waite (2009) noted that registered nurses must be knowledgeable, sensitive and be able to adapt their delivery of care and treatment to people from different cultures. Educating nurses about cultural diversity helps students learn respect and appreciation for differences. The purpose of this Capstone project is to raise registered nurses’ understanding of cultural differences through diversity education. This chapter’s project plan is to create a cultural diversity educational program for registered nurses with multiple learning activities including, but not limited to lectures, discussions, videotapes and class evaluations. This is a class for registered nurses and they are required to maintain a confidential discussion environment. This is a cultural enlightenment class. Students will learn about different cultural experiences and may view their own cultural in a different light. The plan of this class is to ignite an awareness of other cultures while caring for patients and to understand that a person’s culture has a profound effect on their positive/negative outcomes. The project plan is to create a cultural diversity nursing educational program for registered nurses. Leininger’s Sunrise assessment model will be discussed. The post test will measure the nurse’s knowledge about the course content. A questionnaire to be completed by the class participants at the end of

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