The Importance Of DPAA

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We write no last chapters. We closed notebooks we put away no final memories. An end to America's involvement in Vietnam cannot come before we have achieved the fullest possible accounting of those missing in action. Why keep searching? The answer is simple. You never leave a fallen American behind.

The United States has made a sacred promise to its citizens that it will bring home with dignity all those who have served. Providing a critical role in fulfilling that promise, DPAA is responsible for determining the fate of our missing and, where possible, recovering and identifying those who have made the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of a grateful nation. DPAA will not stop in the pursuit of answers for the families and our nation. …show more content…

Once all available information is analyzed a decision can be made to disinter or individuals buried as unknown or conduct field investigations. During a typical investigation mission personnel interview potential witnesses, conduct on-site reconnaissance, and surveyed terrain for safety and logistical concerns. Teams also try to generate new leads that may result in future recoveries.


The main goal of the investigation is to obtain enough information to correlate or connect a particular site with one or more missing Americans. If enough on-site evidence is found, the site will be recommended for recovery and excavation. Recovery sites range in size from a few square meters such as in individual burials, to areas larger than football fields for aircraft crashes. DPAA may hire as many as a hundred local workers to help with the excavation process.

The Environment

The DPAA’s mission requires operations in sometimes remote geographic locations with limited external support, presenting unique environmental, fiscal, legal, and logistical challenges that must be managed to achieve success. These challenges require foresight, resourcefulness, and agility during planning and execution to ensure DPAA personnel can operate safely, efficiently, and effectively.

In certain countries where DPAA is required to

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