Case Study : Steadfast Leadership, And Examine General Rebecca Halstead

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This paper will briefly analyze the case study— Rebecca S. Halstead: Steadfast Leadership, and examine General Rebecca Halstead 's career history and how through her personal attributes, skills, experiences and challenges she developed into a successful leader and commander in the U.S. Army. Although General Halstead faced a number of challenges during her career, this paper will focus primarily on her leadership style and philosophy specifically with leading teams and dealing with difficult bosses.

Case Analysis— Rebecca S. Halstead: STEADFAST LEADERSHP
Leadership is “the fusion of heart and mind, selfless action, encourage betterment of others, and to make a difference. It is the process of influencing
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In addition, Halstead was “responsible for base defense of 5 bases, including Balad, the largest logistics base in Iraq” and had 3 Infantry Brigades under her command. This was a mission of great importance and magnitude for a General to lead.
When Halstead was given this mission in Iraq, she never anticipated the challenge she would soon face. She had one year to plan her operation, train and certify her units for deployments and after months of painstaking preparation and training, Halstead was confident her soldiers and unit were ready to be certified for deployment. However, certification had to be issued by her superior, a three-star general recently back from Iraq—and the most challenging boss Halstead had ever encountered in all of her years of services.
Not long before the scheduled deployment, her commanding officer, brash and abrupt, states that he has absolutely zero faith in her and in fact has full confidence in her failure. As a result of a relevant incident in which a company had been ambushed in Iraq, where insurgents took soldiers hostage and killed several, the commanding officer has lost all confidence in Halstead’s ability to lead in combat. Halstead, appalled and completely discouraged by her superiors’ comments, stood confused about what it now
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