Case Study : Steadfast Leadership, And Examine General Rebecca Halstead

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This paper will briefly analyze the case study— Rebecca S. Halstead: Steadfast Leadership, and examine General Rebecca Halstead 's career history and how through her personal attributes, skills, experiences and challenges she developed into a successful leader and commander in the U.S. Army. Although General Halstead faced a number of challenges during her career, this paper will focus primarily on her leadership style and philosophy specifically with leading teams and dealing with difficult bosses.

Case Analysis— Rebecca S. Halstead: STEADFAST LEADERSHP
Leadership is “the fusion of heart and mind, selfless action, encourage betterment of others, and to make a difference. It is the process of influencing others in a manner that enhances their contributions to the realization of group goals.” According to Retired General Rebecca Halstead, leadership isn’t something that can be switched on and off for convenience. It demands commitment to constant education, self-development, developing complex relationships and earning the respect both from your leader and those that you lead. Halstead believes the journey begins inside—thus, the first person you must lead before you can lead others is you.
Retired General Rebecca Halstead dedicated 27 years to the U.S. Army and was the first woman in West Point history to graduate and achieve a promotion to general officer. She also went on to become the first woman in U.S. history to serve as a commanding…

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