The Importance Of Dance In Music Man

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Dance is an intricate art form that is observed through a variety of styles including musical theatre. Not only is dance entertaining, but the art also provides as a gateway to a deeper understanding in a play. “Music Man” originally written by AUTHOR NAME is a fine example of dance unveiling a story through numerous elements. In this piece dance expresses a tale of an outgoing man turning an old-fashioned, strict town into a lively place for everyone, especially the children. As the musical moves along, dance elements enhance the transitions of the town from an unloving and separate city, to a converging village, and finally to a fully united community. With strategic planning, the choreographer succeeds in conveying the message of a changing town.
Notably, the musical opens to a large group of men bickering in a train station, a relevant example of a hateful city. Through dance, the gentlemen utilize a small dimension by vibrating, which represents how the men keep to themselves and do not reach out for new ideas. Also, the fast-small movements indicate aggression, which is supported through their audio accompaniment of arguing. In a broader scheme, the vibrations portray the town as aggressive and attached to old ways. Comparatively, the next dance includes a movement across the stage when discussing how the children’s behavior will be negatively affected from any kind of change in the town. This floor pattern directly reflects aggression. As the adults storm across the

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