The Importance Of Death

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When the day of the bloodbath arrives, Anton is a nervous wreck on the inside, but looks calm, cool, and collected on the outside. He knows he did not train enough for his guaranteed survival from the games, but at this point, he has slightly worse than a 2% chance of winning it all. Obviously, those aren’t the best odds that he has, but it is the only thought that is somewhat comforting. Numbers don’t lie, and from this point onward, the numbers can only increase in favor. Or the sweet embrace of death could take him, which could happen at any time during the games, but that is the more pessimistic way of thinking between the two.

As time continues to move forwards, his anxiety begins to increase. Anton knows that he isn’t necessarily
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The trip to the arena is too fast, and the anxiety that has been building up inside of him is beginning to release to his external features. He knows his face shows fear to everyone and he isn’t even acting anymore. The sheer fact that he could be dead within the hour is overwhelming and makes him feel sick. His uniform for the bloodbath does not calm his nerves either. First off, his pants do not cover enough and he doesn’t have an actual shirt to wear. Sadly, his stylist is no help either, forcing him to fit his feet into floral pumps that no girl would ever wear, and shoving a fake mustache onto his face. As his stylist is contemplating on what fashion torture to do next, Anton quickly grabs a red cape to tie around his waist to cover his butt, and he ties a white apron around himself as a makeshift shirt. This arena must be a mess because if his uniform has no coherent pattern, the arena will probably be in a place where gravity works the opposite of how it should or a place where extraterrestrial beings exist.

He quickly runs into the tube that he presumes is the mode of transport into the arena before any other clothing travesty can occur. As he tries to calm himself, the floor from underneath him completely vanishes and he is free-falling at 9.8 meters per second squared. Of course he isn’t technically free-falling either because he is encountering air resistance during his descent, but as he looks all around
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