The Importance Of Digital Literacy

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Digital literacy is the ability to evaluate, share and create a literacy narrative. In today’s world, phones play a big part in digital literacy. Talking and texting on the phone is one of the most common ways that we communicate with each other. Other forms of writing are old-school journaling and blogging. The purpose of this paper is to discuss and examine the various types of writing and how I am affected by the types of writing every day.
The kind of writing that I prefer is texting I prefer this type of writing because it lets me get the information quickly and easily to the people that I communicate with the most. There are some people who think that texting is damaging the ability to write appropriately. But, there are also some who believe that texting adds value to good writing styles. When I was in the 6th grade, my computer lab class taught us how to use a keyboard. I think that that was my first formal introduction to digital literacy. I did not have a lot of trouble learning because I was learning a lot at home before that because my Dad loves technology. I clearly remember having to use the rectangle cut boxes they used to keep us from looking at the keyboard. I did not like it very much, but it helped me in the long run. I think that is why I prefer texting. We are constantly bombarded with technology. Being able to have a writing style that lets you express yourself easily is why I prefer texting. I do not like long phone conversations, but I do like to

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