The Importance Of Discrimination On Society

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According to “Readings for Diversity and Social Justice,” by Adam, etc., racism in modern day U.S continues to take effect on society despite beliefs of living in a “post-racial” America. The book states that, “race thinking developed in the U.S around and through questions of citizenship and resource distribution (pg. 97).” With the intention of preserving white privilege and dominance, came the power of using discrimination in order to create a distinct separation between race, white people and all others, so that the distribution of benefits and resources are clear. There are many different ways the use of discrimination affected and affects society. According to Adams and etc., discrimination works in an institutional and individual way. Discrimination on an institutional level occurs because of societal functions and laws that are meant to push the divide between white people and people of color. Discrimination, in regards to societal functions, can be seen today through intergroup conflicts. In the article, “Using Celebrity News Stories to Effectively Reduce Racial/Ethnic Prejudice” by Srividya Ramasubramanian, she states that intergroup conflict stems from discrimination and prejudice (123). She writes that the “mistrust, racial discord, and anti-Black prejudice (123),” creates these intergroup conflicts and interracial tensions. In the study she conducted to see if the media and its portal of African American celebrities affected people’s view on African

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