Will A Post-Racial America Ever Happen? Essay

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Every day, race is discussed and criticized in news articles, magazines, television, and various other parts of the media. Although we seem to be past segregation, race is still a polarizing issue. Many people today still assert the idea that certain races are of a lower class or are to be feared, when people are nothing more than products of their own environments. If all minorities were given the same opportunities, these misconceptions and stereotypes would disappear. A post-racial America is not possible because the past of racism will continue to linger throughout generations, people are born as judgemental, and there will always be that one person whose ignorance outweighs all else.
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In terms of racial issues, our current generation of young adults is already more open-minded and accepting than ever. “This latest generation doesn’t harbor some of the ugly prejudices that our parents or we Baby Boomers do” (Reeves). Unfortunately, this does not stop racism from finding its way to them one way or another. We may have taken a substantial leap over the years in deterring racism, but there are still kids today that are brought up believing the same stereotypes and propaganda that our elders are lead to believe. Adults in institutions such as schools are still taking race and color into account of their students’ performances and their unorthodox achievements, without a doubtful thought of themselves. As quoted from Kuznia to support, “Although the counselor no doubt had Alejandra’s best interests in mind, the decision to steer her away from a four-year university was a classic example of unintentional racism”. Also, even today in 2014, interracial couples are still judged and garner disdainful looks by others in public for no apparent reason. Society is being hypocritical in this way by telling us that we should not look at skin color, but still not naturally harboring the idea of the freedom to marry.
Lastly, our own human

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