The Importance Of Distice Analysis And Treatment Of Cius

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Researchers utilize various discourse analysis methods to quantify linguistic gains in PWA following treatment, one of the most common being Correct Information Units (CIU). This technique examines lexical-semantic content and identifies words that are “accurate, relevant and informative relative to the eliciting stimulus” (Nicholas & Brookshire, 1993). Furthermore, several researchers have documented the reliability of this measure and established “it is indicative of unfamiliar listeners’ ratings of informativeness and of socially relevant changes in the verbal output of individuals with aphasia” (Papathanasiou & Coppens, 2017, pg. 75). One training program that specifically targets increased CIUs is Response Elaboration Training …show more content…

Expansion, model, reinforce 3. “Wh” cue 4. Combine patient responses, model, reinforce 5. Request repetition, model 6. Reinforce model. Clinical probes were administered to identify progress and during the 17th probe the participant met training criterion. Achievement of training criterion was defined as the participant eliciting a minimum of five content words in eight of ten responses. Maintenance of this skill was observed across five additional probes. Furthermore, a moderate degree of carryover was exhibited when the participant was presented with non-trained items. This was the first study to support RET and more current literature has continued to strengthen this evidence. Wambaugh, Nessler and Wright (2012) conducted a multiple baseline design with six participants to examine the effects of M-RET in PWA. This modified approach utilized procedural discourse and personal recounts, rather than narrative discourse. All participants had experienced a single stroke according to medical records, were between the ages of 46 and 70, ranged from 19 and 96 months post onset of stroke and had significant word retrieval difficulties. The experimental design included probing of two sets of procedural discourse items and a personal recount condition. Baseline was continued until the probed skills were stable. Then, treatment was applied. There were three contexts to which treatment was provided: 1) discourse production in response to a set of 10 pictures, 2) discourse

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