The Importance Of Diversity Conscious Educators By Cristina Prince

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Diversity Conscious Educators

By: Cristina Prince

The importance of diversity consciousness for educators is very important. Knowing what is happening in the students everyday home life helps bridge the gap between school and home. One example are students living in non-traditional families. Another example is economically disadvantaged student, children living in poverty. Both diversity factors play a major role in the educational and emotional growth of students. Both diversity factors require a diversity conscious educator willing to take the necessary approach that are responsive to the diversity backgrounds of these students.

U.S. students residing without both biological parents make up the diverse group of non-traditional …show more content…

Students tend to want to participate and do their best when a teacher is nurturing and caring (ASCD, 2008).

Second, the students coming from households living in poverty face many factor putting them at a disadvantage. They face the challenges of poor nutrition and hunger. These children also have less opportunity of intellectual stimulation due to a lack of books. This slows the cognitive development.

Another issue children in poverty face is frequent moving and school changes. The parents tend to be less involved with homework and with the child’s school life. The level of the family 's socioeconomic resources is associated with success in school but is conditioned by other factors, such as immigrant status (ASCD, 2008). Children in poverty have shown gaps in learning and fall behind from their peers. According to the National Center for Children in Poverty, by third grade, U.S. children living above poverty know four times the amount of words as low income children. (NCPP, 2014)

One way educators can implement approaches that are responsive to students living in poverty is decreasing unfamiliarity that comes from lack of exposure by having the students interact with others who share different backgrounds. Students who learn to work and play cooperatively with classmates from various cultures are better prepared for the world. This form of embracing diversity enables these students to develop a

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