The Importance Of Divorce In The United States

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Relationships in general are complicated and hard to figure out, but with the right person it could be easier. There are many different kinds of relationships out there, there is difficulty, easy, meaningful, bad and many more kinds. People get married for different reasons too, some people get married for not good reasons and some for good reasons. Marriage is a very big deal and you should only get married for the right reasons.People can get a divorce so easily and do not have to wait. More needs to be done to lower the divorce rate in the United States. How many people get divorced a year you ask? About 877,000 people get a divorce a year. About 2,118,000 people get married a year. About half of the people who get married get a divorce. About half of the people who get a divorce have children. The 82% of children would rather their parents get a divorce than stay together because of the children. The children only say that because the parents do not know how to be kind or even be in a relationship. This is why couples should get educated and counseling…show more content…
Rather than throwing more funds at government programs that deal with the effects of family breakdown, federal and state official should take steps to help prevent family disintegration in the first place. (Fagon) If they helped people get help and sometimes getting therapy would be better. Getting a divorce harms families and helps the government. This harms the families by being separated and apart. A public education campaign is going around and telling the people on the importance of marriage. This public education campaign went around telling people all about marriage. They were telling people what was in a marriage and why people get married and how to work things out and how to be in a marriage every day. They went around and taught people how to adapt to different situations and over time the relationship might change and how to adjust to
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