The Importance Of Drinking Water

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According to the WHO, Globally, at least 2 billion people use a drinking water source contaminated with faeces. Public health is dependent upon safe and accessible water. Water is consumed daily commercially and domestically. Water is an indispensable basic human necessity, which needs to be consumed every day for survival. However, water has wider impacts on health and well-being and improved water supply and sanitation as well as stronger management of resources can help individuals and whole communities flourish economically and may contribute to a decrease in poverty (who,2017). There are many obstacles that must be addressed to meet the priority of improved water access. Many communities are restricted by minimal coverage, inferior quality, insufficient quantity, poor continuity and excessive cost (who,2017). Water quality isn’t the only determinant of public health; however, it has great influence on public health, particularly waters microbiological quality a vital key in preventing people from becoming ill (who,2017).
The culprits
Meinhardt states, approximately 10 percent of the world’s total disease burden is attributable to unsafe drinking water and a lack of appropriate sanitation, resulting in millions of preventable deaths each year. On the EPA’s website, you can find a full table of contaminants including Microorganisms, Radionuclides, Disinfectants, Organic/Inorganic Chemicals and much more contaminants that are regulated per the National Primary Drinking

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