The Importance Of Drug Abuse In The United States

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Drug is any substance that, when consumed, causes a physiological change in the body. Drug abuse is an issue that is growing exponentially among the citizens of the USA. Drugs are extremely detrimental to the user and all those who are close to the user. Drug abuse directly impacts an enormous amount of people in the USA. Drugs such as cannabis, cocaine, and marijuana play a large role in ruining the life of a user. Millions of people use drugs all across the globe, as a matter of fact, USA is the largest drug market in the world. Major cities of USA are in the grasp of drug jeopardy, equally important, college and high school students help sustain this evil. A drug user requires additional drugs over time to transfer them to the world of delusion, if the drugs are not available user suffers from depression, vomiting and several other issues. The US federal government requires the fortification of drug laws in order to preserve the vital well being of its citizens. Drug abuse is a substantial reason behind increasing chronic disorders and harmful diseases among the citizens of USA. Drugs penetrate the human body and colossally harm every single organ. Drug abuse deteriorates the human health, in Substance Use Disorders author explains that: “ Use of drugs can contribute to respiratory infection, impaired memory, and exposure to cancer-causing compounds.” Drug abusers are exposed to life threatening diseases only after usage for a short period of time. As a result, it

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