Random Drug Testing In Schools Essay

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“DON’T DO DRUGS!” This phrase is constantly repeated and everywhere you look at schools. They start preaching this to students at a young age to ensure that when the children are older they don’t participate in taking drugs. It has been recorded by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse that around seventeen percent of high school students are either drinking, smoking, or using drugs sometime throughout the school day (Huffpost, 2012). Imagine how many students are abusing or using drugs outside of school. Due to this high rate of drug and alcohol abuse drug testing in schools has become very popular. Random drug testing is a concept of many procedures and tests that ensure the capture of drug abusers and misusers in a legal manner.
What is random drug testing and why do schools do it?
Random drug testing is a part of a drug prevention program used in high schools. The students are tested during school hours and tested for recent use of illicit drugs. Random drug testing requires anyone despite prevailing circumstances with drug history. It can also require students involved in extracurricular activities to be drug tested randomly if they are wanting to continue participating. Extracurriculars could involve: sports, clubs, organizations, cheer, and band. Schools are also allowed to conduct a drug test due to suspicion. If someone is suspicious or has evidence that a student is using drugs they may be asked to take a urine test. Suspicion would include: the

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