The Importance Of Economic Development

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Economic Development is extremely important in First Nation’s communities as it is necessary for the development of First Nations economy and helps the community members as a whole. Economic development begins with a strong relationship between community members. Indigenous worldview and the Western worldviews are incredibly different. This may lead to a shaky relationship between First Nations people and the Westernized economy. First Nation’s leadership is important and Indigenous run businesses would be a great way of fueling the economy. This can be done through with the proper on-reserve courses and education needed. Partnering with Westernized companies and organizations will only successfully work if they are willing to look at the Indigenous worldview and understand and also incorporate these views into their organizations/companies.

Not only are there major differences in worldviews between Indigenous people and European people, but also the lasting impacts of policy within Canada have had a major impact on First Nations people and the economy. According to MacKinnon (2000), “Canada’s history of colonial policies has left a legacy of damage and despair that has had a direct impact on the social and economic outcomes of Aboriginal people (sec. 1). Economic development has a huge impact on the community as a whole. It not only looks after the economy, it also looks at the overall wellbeing of the community members. Naturally, First Nations people are not going to
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