The Importance Of Education

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Education is what prepares you to what part of society you become. In Horace Mann’s “Report of the Massachusetts Board of Education” written in 1848, he tells of the importance of education, and the changes that need to happen in his era. Mann says that education “beyond all other devices of human origin is the great equalizer of the conditions of men—the balance wheel of the social machinery.” In education today, Jean Anyon shows how of education does not give equal opportunities for the reasons why to get an education, “By means of early education, these embryos of talent may be quickened, which will solve the difficult problems of political and economical law; and by them, too, the genius may be kindled which will blaze forth in the Poets of Humanity” (Mann). Ken Robinson shows the problems within The United States of America’s education system’s “No Child Left Behind” act. Modern American educational systems have not been as equalizers to all children citizens giving no equal opportunity, and no changes are planning to improve the education that leaves children behind.
The quality of education is different in every town and state in America. There are four types of areas that provide an education for which opportunities children are prepared for, working class, middle class, upper class and elite class. The working class education system prepares them for unskilled to semi-skilled jobs with low income opportunities. The middle class’s education prepares children for

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