Student Tracking

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Simply because the school system failed to recognize this student, and it’s not only a few percentage of students, but a vast amount of students who fall into this category. Instead, we should issue something like an exam that places students into a classroom similar to their abilities so that they can learn at the same pace, but still reach a quality education standard that the other students who classify as advanced by the end of the year. A student categorized as gifted often opts out of learning in the classroom because of the slow pace of the class, due to the lack of challenge in the classroom.
Many scholars claim tracking as unjust to other students. In fact, until the 1990s administrators allowed teachers to group children by their abilities without getting into any problems with the school system. The allowance of tracking occurs in few schools. Many school directors feel that tracking enables students to bully, and feel privileged. “In many instances, these students are given labels that stay with them as they move from grade to grade.” (Research Spotlight on Academic Ability Grouping, 2011) …show more content…

Not to separate the students so that the ones who take a little longer stay behind, but instead to push them to reach the very same apple on the tree by the end of the year. The way a student learns should not affect their quality of education. Different ways of learning call for different ways of teaching.
To briefly conclude, educational inequity continues to affect not only the nation's youth, but the nation's future. The quality of education received by students varies by their socioeconomic standing. The insufficient availability of essential resources, opportunities, and funding creates a hurdle to access a higher quality education as well as expanding, and breaking down creativity

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