The Importance Of Education In Education

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Education seems to be the only socially acceptable way to lower the world’s endlessly growing population. Other methods, such as financial incentives, have been debated but without any real seriousness to come up with working programs that won’t take advantage of people. Although it is important to see that these methods as opportunities to educate are becoming harder to come by. Education is only obtainable in places where there is some level of affluence and an established governmental foundation proficient of enforcing such a program. Ironically, the regions that are meant to be targeted are usually in a state that is inaccessible, impoverished, and economically fragile. So, since education is limited, and can only reach so far, other methods must be taken into consideration. An individual example of this would be to tax families that have more than two children. A business example would be to receive incentives such as tax cuts for installing solar panels on buildings.
The goal of these policies is to change the ideas and beliefs from procreative mentalities towards lower fertility rates. Many of these changes can be made through propaganda and the media, as these are well known ways to push ideas out to the public. Although, not all solutions via the mass media are equivalent in morality. For example, logical persuasion is a seemingly sound method of shifting a culture’s views in favor of or against an idea.
Through propaganda, much can be achieved; due to how they

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