The Importance Of Education In Education

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We are in a point of education that change is inevitable. In the essays written by YoY o ma and by Graemer Wood a common position the both seemed to have was that education needs to be changed be it the way we approach teaching or learning. If we can improve the techniques then we are able to create a more successful life for future generations. The goal of education is to teach and to improve society as well as education. However, to improve an area one must work in that area and change the stability of that area such as how wood and Ma discuss.
In Necessary edges written by Yo Yo ma, ma discusses how educating the youth of our society in s.t.e.m (science, technology, engineering, and math) is not enough. To create students who are successful in life and school, we need to focus on incorporating art into stem creating steam. Ma argues that art creates essential skills such as the ability to collaborate, to be imaginative, to have empathy, and to develop a flexible thinking. Not only do these skills help students in the stem programs learn a different way, it helps one express their deep emotions instead of avoiding them which has been common in our society. Ma describes art as a form of expression and a way to share cultures around the world. Ma argues sharing cultures creates new cultures in a way how when two ecosystems meet an edge effect is created and a new ecosystem where both systems are present. In such way ma explains sharing cultures are like that, in doing so we

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