The Importance Of Education In High School

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“Failing is Great!”

1 One quality that almost every teenager shares is that they all attend high school. If high schoolers are anything like me, considering I am one, they most-likely have had a mental breakdown due to the stress of their classes. Many claim that this stress is unnecessary while others believe that it is a crucial experience for the soon-to-be adults. One must consider where a high school’s difficulty standards should be and learn the perks of the different standards. To ask if classes are too hard, to scrutinize if they aren’t difficult enough- that will lead to an answer. Ultimately, one needs to decide how education should function in order to be most beneficial for the student’s future. Considering the following, education in high schools should clearly be challenging
2 I was the student in the class that only received A’s and possibly a B on an off day. Convincing myself that anything less than an A was unexceptable, I adapted to those ways. I was the one type of student that obsessed over the “perfect grade”: the control freak. My A’s - the pride and joys of my life - began to slip away as I entered my junior year of high school. Because I had never been in a position like this before, panic overwhelmed me. The control freak freaked.
3 For the longest time, I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t receiving my usual A’s. It had been so easy in previous years. Yes, I’m taking college classes now, but that doesn’t change anything. I have always taken

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