The Importance Of Education In Korea

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To be advanced and successful in one’s life, higher position and income are essential, and it indicates the need of higher education. Gradually, more and more people in the world are pursuing to earn a higher degree to improve their lives. Then, how is this education working in our society? This paper will illustrate, based on my observation and experience in Korea, how education system is operating and influencing on human beings in a sociological perspective.
Students in Korea do not have free time. As soon as attending elementary school, children learn English, math, and other physical activities. Even there are some private institutions for speed reading. High school students get more stressed. I almost lived at school from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. The regular classes ended around 5 p.m., but we should take a mandatory supplementary lesson for an hour and do evening self-study for two hours. We could go home early when there was a relevant excuse. However, frequent absence made us as a faithless person, so we could not help but sit on the chair.
In Korea, ardor for study is substantially strong among not only students, but also their parents. Even though children do not want to study, parents keep sending them to private institutions. The society is constructed with the idea that top-ranked schools and outstanding grades guarantee your bright and successful future. Why does this notion permeate the people all over the country?
One of the distinguishable traits in education

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