The Importance Of Education In My Life

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According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, knowledge is “information acquired by a person through experience or education.” I am no English philosopher or expert, but I feel the experiences people face, sets a goal for them to achieve. My life consisted of just that. Growing up, I found myself challenging my brain to become more alert and aware of things. This came with various activities, such as, reading the labels on air fresheners and lotions in the bathroom, constructing catchy songs or phrases to remember important studies, or simply flipping through pages of the dictionary and pointing out the words that sound interesting. I loved learning, not only because I wanted to make my loved ones proud of the “baby of the family”, but because I always envisioned myself lined up in the work of something great. I wasn’t always the coolest or most beautiful, or even first picked in sports, but in the race of learning, I was destined to be on top. Being the youngest in the family is a blessing and a curse. It is expected for the individual to learn all the mistakes of the older children ad not repeat the cycle. While being spoiled is a treat, learning all the mistakes of older siblings is a juggling act. I have siblings: four, ten and eleven years older than me and they set the standards high. I figured the only way to be included in their realm of advanced learning would be working hard. I knew I couldn’t know all of what my siblings and parents knew, but I didn’t want to feel

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