The Importance Of Effective To Police Use Of Force

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Law enforcement agencies have policies regarding use of force that need reform. There is concern for the balance of ethical decision making by police officers. There is also an equal concern for the rights and value of life of civilians along with those of officers. Maintaining stress-free standards for employed law enforcement is detrimental to police use of force directives. Police organizations can prevent and correct their citizen interaction without the use of excessive force. It is imperative that a process be found that could identify potential issues prior to use of force events occurring. Measures can be taken early by police agencies to avoid officers initiating criminal misconduct. Police training and development of communication techniques will provide the reform needed to subvert the idea of an excessive use of force police culture. Logic should be administered alongside reasoning prior to the use of any force, specifically deadly force. There is no reasonable explanation for excessive use of force so it should be prevented instead of authorized socially and accepted. Most of the police operations that incite negative outcomes are preventable with the implementation of appropriate training. In the article by Gross (2017) he discusses several accounts of the excessive use of force by police in America. Some of these accounts have changed some laws, i.e. The Supreme Court case of Graham v. Connor (1989). The facts of the case were that a diabetic man named

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