The Importance Of Electronic Surveillance

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In the twenty-first century, almost everyone in the United States has a cellular device. These devices are being made from the best cell phone companies of the time like Apple, Samsung, Google etcetera. Modern day technology has become such a large part of our lives it reached political discussions. This brings up the question, should the federal government force cellphone companies to aid them in criminal investigations? Although many citizens believe electronic surveillance is a great way of catching criminals and terrorist, cell phone companies should not be forced to unlock suspected criminals' phones because that would be a violation of the 4th amendment right given to the people by the United States Constitution. It would break agreements made between clients and cell phone companies, same as the federal government finds a way to unlock anyone's cell phone without needing help from the cell phone companies. Critics believe that electronic surveillance will help gather more information about criminal cases and help prevent further terrorist attacks. Although electronic may prevent future terrorist attacks and criminal activity, it is an illegal way to prevent future attacks and criminal activities. Before bringing up the 4th amendment rights, readers must first know exactly what it states and who or what it protects. "The Fourth Amendment guarantees the "right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and

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