The Importance Of Employing For New Steel-Toed Thoes

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From the standpoint of management:

• Employees are asking for new steel-toed boots every few months and appear to be taking advantage of the agreement.
• All of the employees want cold-weather gear even though some really do not perform many outside functions in the winter.

After reviewing management’s standpoint and the standpoint of the union with consideration of Section 25:05: Protective Clothing, Equipment, and Tools a solution will be made and presented to make both sides happy. As the manager, I want to make sure that all of my employees are safe. I want to really hear them out and their reasoning before making any further decisions. After hearing what they have to say and their concerns I am open to working out an agreement …show more content…

Management will be considering the needs of their employees and will consider adding a dryer for their boots so that they last longer and employees are happy and comfortable.
2. Employees can pick from two options of styles of boots and even gear that are of similar price. All equipment and gear will be purchased from a vendor of our choosing and billing will be sent directly to the company so employers will keep track of each employee's yearly allowance. The company will also make sure to buy in bulk so that prices will not go any higher than they need to, yet requirements will still meet OSHA standards.
3. All employees must use one vendor provided by the company. Having one will make it easier and keep prices reasonable. Plus, requirements will all be met by the vendor of our choosing, so employees do not have to worry or keep buying new boots. If an employee really wants a different pair from a different vendor/source or even more pairs then they must pay the difference of the allowance out of pocket.
4. Management will handle gear that is worn out by letting the employees keep it and if they do not want them they can give them to management to dispose at their choosing, such as finding a company that would recycle the parts and make a little money to put back towards the company and even new gear.
5. The employees should not take their gear home with them. They should change at the

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