The Importance Of Energy

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Energy is a crucial necessity in life for humans and wildlife. Quality of life is dependent on our accessibility of energy. The environmental crisis has been felt by everyone in some way. The need for energy continues to increase as the population grows. Relying on past resources for energy will continue to torment the environment and negatively impact the level of supply. Energy is a resource that can be depleted if the abuse continues. Pollution from energy sources has caused the environment to deteriorate. The negative influences from energy sources has caused health problems, loss of wildlife and abuse of other resources. In order to protect public health and the future of the environment, preventable measures must be taken.
Energy is used for everything we do in life. The two types of energy sources are renewable and nonrenewable. Nonrenewable energy is a source that cannot be used again because it does not renew itself. Renewable energy is a source that can be used again because it can be replenished. There are different sources available for each type of energy. Each resource has its own advantages and disadvantages. Each source has economic and ecological impacts that need to be evaluated.
More than 80% of energy in the US comes from fossil fuels (Eia). Fossil fuel is the world’s primary energy source (Eia). Fossil fuels are used for transportation, heating and electricity. Natural gas is used for electricity and heating homes and buildings. Coal is used to generate

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