The Importance Of Equality In Harrison Bergeron

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It’s the year 2081, everyone with above average abilities are wearing handicaps to make everyone’s abilities equal. However, human equality isn’t always necessarily having the same abilities or limits. To be equal to everyone is also being treated and thought about the same as every person. It also means that you have the same power as everyone. It is impossible for everyone to have the same capabilities, even with devices created to put a limit to your abilities. In “Harrison Bergeron” Diana Moon Glampers attempted to create equality by making gifted people wear devices called handicaps to stop them from performing their talent. They didn’t really work because they made some above average people incapable of doing what an average…show more content…
For instance, George is still smarter than Hazel with his handicap on. In addition, Harrison is stronger than the average people even with handicaps on. In the text, it states that Hazel could only think and remember in short bursts, while George could remember things and think longer than she can. Hazel doesn’t have any handicaps, but still has less common sense than George. Harrison is clearly strong without his handicaps, but is still very strong with them on. He can rip metal guaranteed to support 5,000 pounds. No ordinary person could rip metal even without handicaps. Some handicaps do prevent people from performing their ability too well, but other handicaps aren’t very effective meaning there is inequality both ways. Therefore, not everyone was truly equal in Harrison Bergeron. Opposing views may also claim the handicaps kept people from performing their best, however the handicaps helped some people to become better at their ability. Harrison wears many handicaps and some help him get stronger. His handicaps over time made him grow stronger and they are like a part of him. He grew so strong he ripped metal guaranteed to hold 5,000 pounds. The ballerina wasn’t very good with her weights on, but they helped her grow stronger and
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