The Importance Of Equity And Diversity In Education

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Learning about different lives such as lifestyle and background is important for a teacher. It is part of the educational process. It is known that history about the way we live is an influence on history and how we educate students todays. Our curriculum today has a way with providing opportunity and constraints due to addressing issues of different racial of ethnic equality and even diversity. However, due to our curriculum and how students learn academically, these are put into practice, which then divides each learning style into groups so the teachers can then understand the students better. Going back into time, it did not happen this way. So, a lot has changed since the beginning of education. We are now learning how to support teachers and allowing them to teach diversity effectively and in confidence. This is not an easy topic to teach due to history, but today it is normal to teach students the importance of diversity so that they learn that everyone is different in their own way. Dealing with equity and diversity is the new norm. It is an area that we emphasize when it comes to social justice and the continuance of diversification with today’s higher education setting. “From recent court decisions and new legislation to diversification of the profession’s workforce, NASPA recognizes the impact that Equity and Diversity has on our professionals” (NASPA, n.d., para.1). Because of this organization, it provides opportunity, which provides resources that

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