The Importance Of Exit Reflecting On Student Education

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Exit exams reflecting on student education
Exit exams is a test student must past to receive a diploma and graduate from high school in the year 2011, 24 states required passing exams to graduate high school in this essay I’m going to explain how exit exams can reflect on a student’s education.
What is an exit exam?
The national education “No Child Left Behind” considers to be the main reason for the rise of exit exams. No Child Left Behind requires all schools to submit standardize test scores, which views a school performance rates. To better the students for the standardized test scores, many schools use the test the EOCs and graduation test to provide students to practice. A graduation exam is exam is either a project or a test that shows a student overall understanding of their high school experience; an EOC is designed to access a student’s understanding of a class.
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Exit exams decrease rates
Recent studies show exit exams decrease high school completion rates and a high rate of GEDs. Tests can cause a percentage increase of drop our rates which means more than 40,000 students per year not receiving a diploma. Research shows the harder the test the higher rates of dropouts. In Virginia, there has been an increase of black and Latinos dropouts, California has denied around 20,000 students

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