The Importance Of Extracurricular Activities For All Students Essay

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This article begins by discussing the importance of extracurricular activities for all students. Only a small margin of student with disabilities has a goal or even mentions extracurricular activities in their IEP’s. With the passing of IDEA in 2006, this allowed students to be more involved with their nondisabled peers within the academic settings but does not cover the after school activities. These activities can be crucial to a student’s developmental skills in the long run. In a study done by the National Center for Educational Statistics (1995), they found out that students who participate in nonacademic activities are linked to better outcomes across a number of domains. These domains include but not limited to; shaping recreational pursuits while currently in school and even post-graduation, choosing career paths or even giving the students the motivation to complete school, and becoming socially connected to the same extend as their peers without disabilities and providing that psychological adjustment. For those students who may be more severe in their needs, they can benefit from these activities by helping them plan for their future, help them develop essential leadership skills and self-determination, allow them to engage with their school communities and sometimes beyond, and develop meaningful, lasting friendships. One self-determination skill that is learned by students with and without a disability is self-advocacy and leadership. In a study done by
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