The Importance Of FEMA

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As a firefighter volunteering to fight fires in another state, my first concern would be; what happens if I am injured or killed? Assuming we are not getting paid for our volunteer services, I may also have serious concerns about my living situation during the times I am not on duty. Specifically, I want to know exactly how I am expected to maintain basic human standards of living. Another important factor; I am going to be legally protected in the event that the fire team I am on causes damage to private or public property while performing our duties? According to (University, 2015), “California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has asked the president to upgrade the fire to a major disaster”. This is vitally important, as it would trigger funds and assistance from the federal government to assist in the firefighting efforts. To quote Hunter (2009),…show more content…
According to the text of 15 U.S. Code 2229 – Firefighters Assistance, “an entity seeking a grant under this section shall submit to the administrator of FEMA an application therefor is such form and in such manner as the administrator of FEMA determines appropriate (Law, 2016). The funds available under this program can range from public education, to firefighting equipment. In respect to this particular situation, I do believe the State and Federal entities were effective in handling the disaster. The Governor requested assistance as required by law, and the President acted by declaring a state of emergency. While (University, 2015), does not conclude if the president acted by upgrading the fires to a “major disaster”, we at least know seven counties had the assistance available to them. Between the funds available from FEMA and Federal assistance programs, I would be confidant as a volunteer assisting from an out of state
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