The Importance Of Fate In Oedipus The King By Sophocles

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The Greeks world view was a tragic one. Sophocles played an vital role in imparting the into importance of destiny into society. “Oedipus Rex is what is known as the tragedy of destiny. Its tragic effect is said to lie in contrast between the supreme will of the gods and the vain attempts of mankind to escape the evil that threatens them. The lesson which…the deeply moved spectator should learn from this tragedy is submission to the divine will and realization of his own impotence.” (Freud)
As Freud further hypothesized, Sophocles helped bring the idea of fate or destiny into people’s minds. Fate was apparent because although the actions and feelings of the characters were an essential part of the story, ultimately nothing could change one's fate. Basically, Oedipus lacked the freewill to make his own choices and therefore ended up fulfilling the prophecy, despite him doing everything he in his power to avoid it.
Sophocles understood that a tragedy should encompass the hero's goodness and superiority, a tragic flaw in which the hero makes fatal errors in judgement which eventually lead to his downfall. A tragic realization in which the main character, unbeknownst to him, helped to bring about his own destruction. When Oedipus first learned about the prophecy in Corinth, he left immediately. He believed he was making the right choice to protect his parents.
Oedipus was not perfect. His tragic flaw was foolish impulsiveness. When he left Corinth, he met a group heading to

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