The Importance Of Fluent Stage In Writing

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The fluent stage is different than the first two stages because the students’ comprehension is stronger and they know how to apply “critical thinking” in order to fully understand a text. In addition, during the fluent stage, children read long chapter books and for a longer period of time. Fluent writers know how to utilize and apply the writing process stages which are, prewriting, drafting, revising, editing and publishing; they organize their writing by making plans, rereading their rough drafts and meticulous revising their final work. Not all, but some second graders are fluent readers and writers, however, fluent stage can and should be achieved by the end of third-grade level (Tompkins, 2017). Even though students reached the fluent reading level, it doesn’t mean that reading instruction is no longer necessary. In contrary, individuals are constantly learning new words, learning how to apply those words into their own world experiences. Hence, reading instruction is a never-ending process. Some fluent “readers have yet to learn how to adjust their reading rate or are unaware that other readers adjust their rate to match their purpose for reading. Because these readers read everything at the same rate, they struggle to complete and comprehend lengthy reading” (Tompkins, 2017). In order to continue to support fluent readers, teachers can utilize some effective accuracy and fluency strategies. For instance, one example is to compare the process of reading with cars;

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