The Importance Of Food Allergies

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In today’s society, it is likely that you or someone you know has food a allergy. In the past few decades, food allergies among children have skyrocketed. Yet, many people still fail to realize the severity of food allergies and how common and dangerous they really are. As someone who has multiple food allergies, it is easier to understand the struggle of eating out or being skeptical and eerie of trying new food. Allergies ranging from dairy, to gluten, to nuts, and anywhere and everywhere in between. There are multi-millions of other people worldwide who are affected by food allergies. About one in every thirteen children suffer from at least one food allergy. Think a food allergy isn't danger? Hundreds of Americans die each year just from food allergies and thousands die worldwide. We are living in a generation of youth, a generation where more and more people are having food allergies, a generation where people are making allergies public information, a generation that can save the lives of those who have allergic reactions. Growing up, most people have probably eaten or tasted a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, milk, fish, or eggs, but there are millions of people who can not taste many of these common foods and many other. Those people, aren't able to, due to a food allergy. For safety precautions, carrying a medicine bag that including Benadryl and an epipen, along with an assortment of other medications, incase of an emergency is helpful in saving the lives of many

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