The Importance Of Carers Instructions On Children 's Food Allergies Or Intolerances

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Why it is important to follow carers instructions in respect of their child’s food allergies or intolerances

For some children, it is essential to monitor their diet and the food that they eat has to be prepared and planned very carefully as they may have allergies, intolerances or medical conditions, such as: disease or diabetes. You should take care to follow the parents instructions relating to their child allergies or intolerances, failure to do so could result in the child health being endangered, possibly even in death.


Contact with certain fields can be fatal for some children with allergies. This means that great care has to be taken and I system must be designed to vent children from coming into contact with their allergen (for example nuts or dairy products). Where the allergy is severe, this may affect the food that can be prepared and eating in the setting as some children can have a reaction just from being near other children who are eating food containing and allergen.

Systems to vent children from coming into contact with a known food allergen include photographs and names of the children in the kitchen, only key persons giving the child food and certain plate being used for particular children so as to provide a visual reminder. It is also essential that children are supervised when they are eating so that if an allergic reaction occurs emergency help can be called. Signs of an allergic reaction include swelling of the lips your eyes, redness

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